Monday, March 10, 2014


Well, Asia-Pacific Tertianship 2013-14 formally concluded this past Friday with a final mass & dinner. Dado & Michael departed first thing Saturday (teaching, retreats). Priyono & Chanh yesterday. Johan back to Korea this afternoon. Norlan heads to Mindinao crack of dawn tomorrow morn; Suyt, Alis & I are Hanoi-bound in the afternoon. O-myun Wednesday, Tu to Saigon on Friday. Mon brings it to a close up & heads to Kuala Lumpur Saturday.

So it goes. Two shots happy, one shot sad.

So it goes, Billy Pilgrim.

In a final conversation with my spiritual director, the word was sated. Like one of those dinners where everything is dead-on perfect: astounding menu & table providing the forum for engaging & unanticipated conversation & friendship. Or a live rock gig where you spill out afterwards into the street dazed... not quite sure what just happened, but that it was good, and that you've comehow been set on fire to take it all to the streets & change the world...

(it happens. really.)

So much to pray & reflect upon. And more ink will be spilled on this, to be sure.

Allow me to return yet again to that one little but all-important word, brothers & sisters.


Where it all ends & where it all begins.  Alpha & Omega.

And it never, never, occurs in a vacuum, in isolation.

It's always in relationship. In community. In friendship. Cor ad cor.

Friends in the Lord. 

                           He uttered a triumpant cry: IT IS ACCOMPLISHED!
                           And it was though he had said: Everything has begun.
                           - Nikos Kazantzakis, The Last Temptation of Christ

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